Welcome to Esport Fitness!

Esport membership – A personal membership of Esport Fitness provides an unlimited access to our fitness services in Espoo.


  • Aerobics and Spinning 
  • Professional Instructors
  • Nearly 300 classes a week


  • Spacious and convenient facilities
  • Modern equipment: Gym 80 and Star Trac
  • Facilities for stretching and relaxation


Exclusive additional services at Esport Arena, Espoo

  • Trim-Circuit - training
  • Indoor tracks (800 m) for running
  • Additional gym/weight training station



  • Fitness Testing and Analysis (Espoo)
  • Restaurant/Cafeteria (Espoo)
  • Pro Shop (Espoo)
  • Member benefits include also discounts, events, special offers etc.

Instructions for booking classes from the online service

Via the booking system, 50% of the group exercise class slots can be reserved at maximum. The system shows the total number of places reserved on the Internet.
Via the booking system, you can also see the possible instructor- and class-based changes.

Please remember to cancel your reservation if you are unable to participate!
More information in the section: Booking cancellation.

Due to updates performed during the night, the Web booking system may operate more slowly from 1 to 10 a.m.

User ID: Email address
Password: 123456

The email address serving as a User ID is the one you used in reporting your contact information. If required, you can confirm your information with our customer advisors.
You should change your password during the first time you sign in.

Making bookings

  • You can make three bookings per time – one booking per class. After you've used the booking, you can order a new one.
  • You can make bookings two weeks ahead of time.
  • A booking can be made for the same day's classes no later than two (2) hours prior to the start of the class concerned.
  • The booking must be claimed no later than 12 minutes before the start of the class. The booking is claimed from the access control device the same way as when you come normally for the class with your own Fitness Card – by tapping the lesson button on the touch monitor.
  • Eleven (11) minutes before the start of the class, the Web bookings that have not been picked up open for the use of customers at the site.

Booking cancellation and period of non-availability

  • If you can't participate in the class you booked, please cancel your booking no later than two (2) hours before the beginning of the class concerned. Bookings can be cancelled only via the system.
  • Three non-cancelled classes during a three-month period remove the right to reservation and a one-month period of non-availability follows.
  • When you notice that you have lost your right of reservation, inform the reception. These rights will then be returned to you in a month's time from the last non-cancelled booking. ATTENTION: These rights are not returned automatically – this only happens if you inform us of what happened.

Changes to classes

  • If the class you booked is cancelled due to illness or similar reason, the booking you made will disappear from your own bookings.
  • If, in place of the cancelled class, some other replacement class is taken, the booking you made will disappear from your own bookings.




Tuukka Ylitalo, customer advisor
Tel. (09) 5024 7047

Rimma Dzybenko, customer advisor
Tel. (09) 5024 7054


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